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Two minutes with Encore Seven on Audio Show 2014 Exhibition

We announce the release of an excellent new album

of the Michal Wroblewski Trio “City Album”

The premiere in Poland and Japan took place on 25th August 2014

And we proud to be one of the official partners of this record

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Michał Wróblewski Trio City Album

Terri Lyne Carrington with statuette from MPC

(MPC is Music Photographers Collective sponsored by Encore Seven)

Review of the set: Egg-Shell Prestige 9WST vacuum tube integrated amplifier and Davis Acoustics MV One speakers

Incredible musicality and homogeneity of the sound, creating hectares of space allowed to get only positive experiences from every kind of music.

Mono&Stereo High-End Audio Magazine,

Review of Egg-Shell Prestige 15WS vacuum tube integrated amplifier

It is very nice to see an artisan manufacturer expressing their skills in their own way and not following the herd! The circuit, functional and style design are different to anything that has passed my way before.

Mike Cox (UK),

Review of Egg-Shell Prestige 9WST vacuum tube integrated amplifier

It’s just a pure high-fidelity. These are the amplifiers with very high-end quality. The Egg-Shell Prestige 9WST delivers the sound of maturity and sophistication. It can be compared to a vacuum tube devices like Leben or Cary Audio – a similar class elegant and sophisticated style sound.

Ludwik Hegel, Stereo & Colorful – Underground