Centralne miejsce dla integry lampowej Egg-Shell

Enocre Seven with Egg-Shell on Audio Show Warsaw

You should know that Encore 7 substantially contributed to the record-breaking Audio Show exhibition in Warsaw (8-9 November 2014). And here is why: in the Jan III Sobieski Hotel we displayed our latest top model of the integrated vacuum tube amplifier: Egg-Shell from the Prestige line.

The 2014 edition of the Audio Show beat the record, indeed, when considering the number of visitors. They could hardly push their ways to audio rooms of the most interesting manufacturers or dealers. And so was the case with our room no. 429 in the Sobieski Hotel. This was the very location for the live demonstration of our most powerful vacuum tube amplifier, which we specially prepared for the exhibition.

Until then in our Prestige line you could choose between two models based on the EL34 power tube: Prestige 9WST (9W power output per channel) and 15WS (15W power output) and one model based on KT88 (10W per channel). We have now complemented the range with the new 20 W output power Egg-Shell Prestige 20WKT model, with absolutely unique remote control.

Audio Show 2014 - przygotowania stoiska Encore Seven, Davis Acoustics, Audia Flight, Blackrhodium oraz PONA

Audio Show 2014 – last prepartions and adjustments in our audio room at the Sobieski Hotel

Egg-Shell Prestige w wykończeniu Albino w gablocie na korytarzu

Egg-Shell Prestige Albino finish in the passage showcase

For the perfect sound transmission we used Dave Acoustics Monitor 1 loudspeakers and the Audia Flight CD player (this superb brand is distributed in Poland by Audio Cave, who also showed their impressive collection of vinyl LP records). Wiring from the Black Rhodium was perfectly matched with the whole system by Mr Karol Zieleznik from the Hi-Fi Studio in Bielsko-Biala, Poland.

It is finally worth mentioning that in our showroom we proudly showed for the very first time an analogue signal processor ASP LITE-02 by PONA. This revolutionary design helps bringing back all the physical and acoustic rules to sound reproduction when playing a CD or better HD files. You may learn more about this unique concept from the Polish Audio Claster website.

Prezentacja analogowego procesora sygnałowego PONA

Demonstration of the revolutionary analogue signal processor PONA

Being an official partner of this publications we proudly used an excellent new jazz record from Michal Wroblewski Trio: “City Album” in our demonstrations.

Gramy nagrodzonego Michała Wróblewskiego City Album

We are playing the awarded Michal Wroblewski’s new release with his trio, called “City Album”


Please finde below a gallery and a 2,5 minute video clip. Enjoy!





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