Egg-Shell Prestige 12WKT - dobry wzmacniacz lampowy

New model of Prestige Serie now available – 12WST

We released, in the middle of June 2015, a new model of the integrated vacuum tube amplifier. The newest model was marked as 12WKT and is an addition to the Prestige series of amplifiers. It replaced the model 10WKT, produced until now, when it has become discontinued and is not available anymore.

All the EGG-SHELL branded products can be easily recognised by their unique, very distinctive design, which goes hand in hand with excellent sonic performance. Like all the other units from us the new model is a Single-Ended one, which belongs to the pure A-class.

New features

The main, obvious change is the pre-amplifier section, which has been completely copied from the flagship model 20WK, which means, that instead of single 6SN7 tube per channel, as previously, an additional pentode EF86 has been used in the regular design. New, more powerful transformers were used. Hence the amplifier has also become a little more powerful. Just as it is the case in the predecessor, the power output unit is based on the KT88 vacuum tube – one tube per each channel, as well, as the tube power supply adapter, which is based on the rectifier diode type 5AR4/GZ34.

Like all the integrated amplifiers from the Prestige line this model can also work with the extraordinary spherical volume remote control Prestige RCX. This is worth to remind that the remote control is a solid beveled wooden ball with no moving parts. The volume is adjusted by rotating the sphere around its vertical axis, clockwise or anti-clockwise. The volume control disc will rotate accordingly. It is most probably the first time in the world a technical solution like this has ever been introduced in a Hi-Fi device. Follow the link at our YouTube channel to watch a video clip depicting how the remote control operates:

The look of the 12WKT amplifier has been upgraded to the latest design of the Prestige line. In the rear panel three golden plated line inputs RCA by the American Charming Music Conductor (CMC) are located, as well, as the speaker outputs which operate at both 4 and 8 ohm impendence standards.

With the new model of the amplifier being released to the market another possibility of customisation has been offered to the clients: they can now select metallic painted housing. The standard colours: white and black will still be offered. We continue to offer three colour versions of the front glass panel: darker – graphite smoky front panel or lighter – green or blue tinted front panel.

The sound of the amplifier was further improved comparing to the previous version of the model. It is still warm and round, with high detail in the high frequencies but the dynamics of the sound is significantly better and the bass is very quick, sharp, much better controlled and reaching very low level.

Please, visit page with details of Prestige 12WKT.



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