Marcin Bąkiewicz i Polski Klaster Audio

Audio Video Show 2017 in Warsaw – two rooms!

At the Audio Video Show 2017 in Warsaw, we presented ourselves in two rooms at the Sobieski hotel. We invite you to photorelation.

We showed two systems:

  1. Reference system High-End class, which included, among others, Zeta Zero loudspeakers, J.Sikora turntable and the famous Yayuma processor
  2. A mid-range system with a Shape of Sound turntable and Avcon loudspeakers. Our newest amp EGG-SHELL Classic 15WL (it expands the Classic series in our offer) was a heart of the system


We have been visited by many guests and important and respected people from the world of audio and music. In both rooms the music director of Polish well-known radio station “Antiradio”, Mr. Marcin Bąkiewicz was our special guest who made exhibition more attractive with his musical presentations.

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