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We are proud to present our top quality amplifier the TanQ
during Audio Video Show in Warsaw

November 8-10, 2019, Radisson Blu Sobieski, showroom 316

Most important features and specification of EGG-SHELL TanQ:

  • Class: A (SE Single-Ended) with power: 2 x 20W
  • Massive Classic EI OPTs made of fine 0.3mm, premium annealed lamellaes
  • ALU Chassis
  • Floating OPT board separated from the main chassis
  • Additional anti-vibration solution employed into the legs
  • Removable front glass panel for easy maintenance of the pre amplifier section
  • Nixie Input Indicator
  • Our hallmark: Spherical Gyro Remote, Prestige RCX control unit included
  • Silent, add on, mechanical fan heat extraction with auto-switching Noctua 11,9 dB / 800rpm unit
  • 3 years warranty
EGG-SHELL TanQ - high fidelity vacuum tube amplifier

Our partners in showroom 316 are: CIARRY – Polish manufacturer of dipoles-type loudspeakers, BLACK-RHODIUM – British company of audio cables and ALPIN-LINE – Polish audio furnitures.

More information about our brand and all other participants you can get by e-mail:


Poland, Europe

During the Audio Video Show you can find out more information calling to Chris from EGG-SHELL (mobile: +48 886-586-554) and Jack from CIARRY (mobile: +48 605-490-477)

For us design and manufacture is art


is the name of our company. We are from Poland, Europe and we are a specialist producer of stereo hi-fi vacuum tube amplifiers for home use. Encore Seven was introduced at the market in 2010 but our experience in engineering and production of the vacuum tube-based musical equipment has its beginnings in the mid-90s of the 20th century. It was the time when one of the company owners started his first experiments and attempts to design and create his home made valve amplifier for guitar to use in the band he played in. We only use premium quality components and work with skilled and experienced professionals to ensure our productswill deliver uncompromised quality and satisfy the most demanding musical ear.


is the name of the brand we created. What  makes  ourselves  unique  is  the  philosophy  and  great  attention  we  put  ineach step of design and manufacturing. The result is always the same: a device meticulously crafted to exacting standard. We love the sound of our equipment but we are convinced just the same care should be taken about the look of our products. Distinctive, beautiful design of EGG-SHELL amplifiers has received just as much acclamation, from our clients and reviewers, as the sound they are capable of reproducing. In the Egg-Shell amplifier you will touch, feel and hear our passion, you will notice expertise and see experience gained throughout years of designing vacuum tube amplifiers.

Currently we have three Series of amplifiers:

  • Prestige – the oldest one and currently consisting of 6 models (5 integrated stereo amplifiers and 1 phono stage). The oldest models have already reached the third generation.
  • Classic – an electric audio circuit based on Prestige Series but the housing is simplified. Consists of 3 models (2 integrated amplifiers and 1 phono stage) .
  • TanQ – the newest and the top Series. Currently only one integrated amplifier belongs to this series.

Classic and TanQ Series are an develop of the Prestige Series.

EGG-SHELL - All models 2019

We designed the Woodwind casing for the Prestige series of amplifiers

When designing and producing our amplifiers we put great attention to combine both: the excellent sound and original look. Home audio gear is usually situated in the centre of a living room, therefore we believe it must have beautiful and unique look. Brave, inimitable design make the Egg-Shell amplifiers stand out of the crowd. The Prestige series is made of durable materials: metal, glass or wood. We intentionally minimised use of plastics.

The upper panel, secured with magnets, may be easily lifted to uncover the tubes for better ventilation and more powerful visual effect. Reflective, mirror-like interior chamber produces multiplied images of the glowing tubes which creates absolutely extraordinary effect.

Main features are:

  • compact, light design, with rounded edges
  • removable upper panel for easy covering or uncovering the tubes
  • V-shaped configuration of the tubes
  • transparent front panel made of glass
  • reflective walls of the tube chamber (multiplying the visual effect of the glowing tubes, when switched on)
  • large volume dial enabling precise volume control

Meet our unique gyro spherical remote control Prestige RCX

It brings new concepts in the world of audio gear. To adjust volume all you need is turn the ball-shaped body of the remote control left or right.

  • Highly innovative remote control with unique design and principle of operation
  • No moving parts, solid build – natural wood and metal
  • Deactivation on shakes or any motion other than circular
  • Radio transmission with operations distance up to 25 metres
  • Battery status and battery charge indicator

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