Prestige Series

excellent sound, unique design
EGG-SHELL valve amplifiers 3 years warranty

Egg-Shell Prestige series amplifiers can be recognised by its unique Woodwind* ‘shell’ (casing)
Fantastic, distinctive look is followed by superb sound reproduction, which is an inherent feature of any the Egg-Shell unit.

Prestige Series is covered by a 3-year guarantee

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* – actual industrial design protected


EGG-SHELL Prestige 9.3 - wzmacniacz lampowy / valve amplifier

Prestige 9.3

Integrated vacuum tube amplifier. Excellent detail separation, wide sound stage.
Designed for small and medium rooms.

EGG-SHELL Prestige 12.2

Prestige 12.2

Integrated vacuum tube amplifier. Warm, round and transparent sound, efficient low frequency range. Designed for small and medium rooms.

Egg-Shell RCX

Prestige RCX

Volume control in Prestige family amplifiers.
Unique design, no moving parts.

Egg-Shell PS5

Prestige PS5

Vacuum tube phono stage (preamp). Very even, accurate sound reproduction in the whole frequency range, with good dynamics and high precision.