Egg-Shell Classic 9WLT

vacuum tube integrated amplifier
Egg-Shell Classic 9WLT
Integrated vacuum tube stereo amplifier with the power 9W per channel. Unit based on the higher model from the Prestige line – 9WST. Single-Ended, A-Class, triode-type with power tubes EL34 and with tube power supply system.
The unit delivers precise, detailed medium and high range sound reproduction, as well, as a very wide soundstage. It has classical look, maintaining all the Prestige line characteristic features of the design: horizontal volume dial, V-structure of the power tubes. Designed for small and medium rooms.


The conclusion can be only one – valve amplifier Egg-Shell Classic 9 WLT and Bodnar speakers  Hornton is a set which will be taken sound much closer to gates of the real high end, because his sound is exceptionally euphonious and engaging, colourful and permeated – royal and beautiful. It is a synergetic duet by which no music lover will pass indifferently. The above set entirely convinced me and enthralled – magical playing. I can highly recommend this set  with the pure heart.

Ludwik Hegel
Stereo i Colorfully Undeground, July 2015

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