Encore Seven

V-TUBE amplifiers since 2010

Our history

We are a European company with headquarters in Poland, active in the audio industry since 2010. Our field of expertise is the production of tube amplifiers based on the V-TUBE concept. We have created the EGG-SHELL brand. Since 2021, we have been developing amplifiers under the name ENCORE SEVEN.


ENCORE SEVEN vacuum tube amplifiers take all the best ideas and features from the achievements of EGG-SHELL amps, in particular from the main and most developed EGG-SHELL Prestige series. At the same time, the now revised approach to amplifier design and construction elevates the new models to an even higher level in every respect – advanced design, better sound, appearance and quality of workmanship. The visual facelift has been entrusted to Krakow’s Szostak Atelier (Witold Szostak), whereas Rolof Audio (Robert Rolof) is responsible for the electronics design.


For more than 10 years, EGG-SHELL amplifiers have won the appreciation of users and the favour of trade journalists and have made a lasting mark in the history of the audio industry. Our greatest successes include the title of BEST PRODUCT 2016 awarded by High Fidelity magazine for the EGG-SHELL Prestige 9 amplifier and the award for one of the best-sounding systems at the Audio Video Show ‘2016 in Warsaw (Europe’s second largest industry show). EGG-SHELL amplifiers have found customers throughout Europe and Asia.

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Features of the new Encore Seven amplifiers

Electronic system

The electronic circuit is built on PCBs. The well-proven push-pull system on KT88 tubes was developed many years ago. For the ENCORE SEVEN project, it was redesigned to fit optimally into the required amplifier space. The vast experience of the Rolof Audio has resulted in an excellent final effect – the amplifier that is stable, quiet (no hum) and with a highly sophisticated sound. And at the same time, it is featured by a stable operation and an expected long lifetime of tubes, capacitors, resistors and other components.

Visual design

The Encore Seven amplifiers are a continuation, or better said, a significant development of the distinctive V-TUBE design developed in 2010 for the EGG-SHELL Prestige models. Features such as the V-tube system, the horizontal volume wheel, the glass on the front and the gyroscopic remote control remain, whereas the extensive lift transforms the existing amplifiers into something even more intriguing and compelling. The casing consists of more than 100 aluminium sheets that form a layered irregular block and also a cooling radiator. Such a concept has probably never been seen before in the audio world.

Mechanical and manual production

Encore Seven amplifiers are manufactured in Poland from durable materials such as glass and CNC-machined aluminium, which then undergoes glass bead blasting and lacquering process. The casing contains a robust chassis and improved technical solutions, such as a volume wheel with two-point mounting supported by a bearing. The amplifier has also an improved passive cooling and electronic components from the best suppliers, such as Kiwame, Vishay, Nichicon, Miflex, Hammond, CMC, etc. The entire unit is assembled manually, then burnt-in and tested. And before transport it is packed securely in a rigid case. This product is designed for people who demand the highest quality.